Le Mepris by Jean-Luc Godard (1963)

contemptIt’s to cool that our Cinema professor is showing us films made from different countries and so we’re able to appreciate them and be able to have knowledge about how the directors from the past treat and make their films.

Today, I’m going to tell you about a film from the New Wave of French Cinema, Le Mepris.

Le Mepris or Contempt is a film directed by Jean-Luc Godard in 1963 and is based from the Italian novel entitled Il Disprezzo by Moravia.

cinema-in-films-le-mepris-godardJeremy Prokosch played by Jack Palance, an American producer hires the Austrian director Fritz Lang to direct a film adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey. Prokosch wasn’t happy with how Lang treats the film material and so he then hires Paul Javal, a playwright played by Michel Piccoli, to revise the script. To be able to get a high charge from Prokosch, Javal somewhat made his wife, Camille Javal, played by Brigitte Bardot, a bribe. With that, Camille became cold to him and started to become weird to their relationship. As the movie progresses, Camille became even more angrily irritated with Paul and their relationship started to mess up. Paul then found out that Camille and Prokosch were having an affair so Paul decided to give up his commitment with the producer. But it’s too late for him to find out that Camille left with Prokosch for another country and eventually met a car accident and they immediately died.


04-hbx-le-mepris-movie-0213-lgnAt first I must admit that I can’t vividly understand if what’s going on in the movie for there were different languages being used by the characters. But more than that, I love the fact that Fritz Lang himself was there and sort of discussed and incorporated about film theories and other film-related topic on his character. Though it was an old film, later on I found myself being mesmerized with how they manipulated the camera shots and angles though most of the scenes were focused on Camille and Paul. But more than that, the setting was really lovely, especially the house with a rooftop.

After watching the film, our professor threw us a question to ponder, is Camille really not in love with Paul anymore?

I would like to make myself believe that Camille does still love Paul. We all know that love is so mysterious but isn’t so ironic that your feeling for someone, especially when your with him or her for many years will eventually fade in just a split moment or day? I strongly say NO. I think Camille just insisted that she doesn’t love Paul anymore because she was offended on how her husband sold him like a commodity to Prokosch. I think she felt like she was being treated as a bribe for Paul’s work and not as a wife anymore. Another thing is that, maybe she was blinded and dazzled with Prokosch’s wealth and with the things that Paul can’t give her.


Though Camille left Paul, she still loves him more than Prokosch’s money for it was too vivid with the letter she left for Paul. I just felt so sorry for Paul for ending up having no firm and lucid idea why he was left by his wife, Camille.

Here’s the movie trailer of Le Mepris:



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